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About Us

Potty training a toddler can be a daunting experience. Especially when braving it in public. Whether your at your local shopping mall or down in the park. The moment you see that look on your child’s face, you know an accident has occurred. It’s quite embarrassing and can create quite a scene at times.

Hi and welcome to our little site on how to potty train children. My name is Josh and my wife’s name is Casey. We have 2 beautiful children aged 3 and almost 2. We know to well how difficult it can be to get the little ones out of nappies/diapers. My wife is also a childcare worker, and she sees accidents happen all the time.

So by using our own personal experience and with Casey’s experience in the child care department, we decided to try and help out as many families as we can by posting tips and tricks we have learned over the years. Our eldest child took a little convincing to start potty training. After a short while she mastered it, and a result we have saved lots of money on expensive nappies. Now it’s our youngest son’s turn soon, and we will be enforcing the same strategies and tips used to save even more on nappies.

So take a look around and hopefully you can find some useful information to help you save on nappies/diapers too. It’s a great feeling, not only for the parent. But for the children too. Accomplishing a goal one step at a time.

Josh & Casey.

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