The Best Potty Chairs For Boys

The Best Potty Chairs For Boys

Our almost 2 year old son is on the verge of beginning potty training. We were thrilled with the quick results we got from our older Daughter. She loved the fact her potty was suited to her likes and ‘Girly’. So we decided that we would do the same for our son and find him The Best Potty Chairs For Boys.

We will probably end up buying a couple different designs of the potties in case he doesn’t take to one in particular. After all… The money we will save in diapers will far out way the cost of a couple potty chairs. The aim is to get him toilet trained as fast as possible and if he takes an interest to a particular potty. Then chances are we will have a better chance of early success. So here’s a few of the best boys potty chairs we have targeted in on.

Our Number 1 Choice!

Elmo Potty Chair

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ELMO Potty Chair & Seat

Besides the fact that this potty chair is the best rated (Impressive 4.4/5 stars) it just so happens to be our toddlers favorite icon. ELMO! There’s just something about Elmo that he simply loves. He takes his Elmo Teddy’s everywhere with him. So it’s only suiting that Elmo’s there to guide him through the toilet training process.

We like the fact it resembles a toilet which is good for preparing our son for the real deal. Not only that, but it also makes flushing noises and features Elmo’s adorable laugh when you pull the lever.

Practically this potty is very handy for us and our little boy. The seat can be removed to fit most toilets for when the next step in training is required. Which saves more money on having to buy a proper seat in the future. The waste removal unit seems pretty easy to take out and quickly clean. Super important!

But the icing on the cake is the 3D image of Elmo snorkeling with fish. Our Boy will simply love this effect and combined with the Elmo laughing and flushing noises. I think we have a winner.



Who Doesn’t Love Thomas!

Thomas and Friends Potty and Step Stool Combo Set

Thomas The Tank Engine Potty Seat

This Thomas The Tank Engine Potty seat and steps is the choice of potty chairs at our local day care center. It’s a hit amongst all the kids and in particular boys. Our son loves Thomas and I think would love this training seat.

The stool features a rubber mat on top which prevents slipping. This is essential for giving your young kids the courage to step up and use the potty with confidence. Fear of falling is a major influence on failure to use potty seats. That’s why we rate this one as one of the best.

The seat itself has a soft padded cover featuring of course Thomas. But the cool thing is that the cover itself can be taken off the seat very easily. Which makes cleaning both items a breeze.

Curiosity is a great way to get our boys mentally aware of the toilet and process. Children often skip the potty and head straight for the toilet seat and step scenario. Having their favorite animated hero on display is a great motivational tool to initiate the first steps to potty training.



Top Potty For Big Kids

Prince Lionheart Adjustable Potty

Prince Lion Heart Pottys For Boys

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The Prince Lion Heart potty is perfect for kids of all ages and sizes. It’s bigger and taller then the usual potty. With the added height adjustment function it relieves pressure on our kids legs. For practicality this potty is just great.

The seat is sufficiently padded, so much so kids have been known to sit on this potty during entire movies. Of course parents need to encourage their child to go pee or poop during the movie. It’s not a replacement seat. The non slip grips on the bottom also assure confidence and will encourage kids onto the potty chair.

It’s a little more pricier then some other potties. However the potty looks to be very well constructed and very sturdy. With the extra large pee splash guard, this potty chair would be ideal for the boys. Cleaning looks fairly simple and quick whilst the height adjustment feature is what really makes us think this chair is of good value.

Reviews: 4.5/5 Stars




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